Sara Coe | Ashland High School Class of 2014 Senior

By Jacqui Pollard

November 13, 2013

Sara Coe | Ashland High School Class of 2014 Senior

The covered bridge was our main destination but from it I could see the spot. The spot where I knew Sara, dressed in a warm burgundy sweater, would look perfect with the beauty of autumn as her backdrop. The golden leaves danced on their branches as the wind whipped through the air, and I cringed as I felt a few drops of the rain that threatened to fall. We quickly made our way to "the spot" praying that rain would hold off for these last few shots. As Sara posed for her final senior portrait shots on that rust colored bridge, I knew that these would be my favorite from Sara's shoot.

Sara Coe Senior Portraits

Sara, a senior from Ashland High School, plans to attend college after high school to study Psychology in order to hopefully become a counselor or be in a position to help people. Sara's dream job would be creating a non-profit organization that would allow her to travel and speak to students informing them about mental health. Her inspiration to be the best version of herself comes from her incredibly loving grandpa. Helping people and inspiring them to better themselves is Sara's driving passion in life.

Obviously beautiful both inside and out, my goal with Sara's shoot was to capture that in her portraits. Thanks for choosing us to take your senior portraits, Sara!

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