Meet Tootsie

Tootsie is the studio cat at Maurer Photography. Although she won’t own up to it, she is also the boss… and not in a figurehead sort of way. The actual boss.

She enjoys ruling over her domain with an iron paw, silently keeping the gears of the business moving.  She also enjoys long walks in the background, brushing up against expensive items, striking fear into the tiny hearts of passing birds, and flash bulb lit dinners.

She plays well with seniors, but knows throughout who is actually in control.

Any picture without her in it is, in her mind, a waste of a photo. John and the crew waste a lot of photos.

She is currently getting her Masters of Fine Arts in salmon portraiture and hopes eventually to redecorate the studio in a catnip motif.  She hopes that you will enjoy her studio as much as she does.