When it comes to choosing your school photographer, you want someone you can trust who will deliver the highest quality services, who will work diligently to make your job easier, and who will keep your school's staff, students, and parents happy.

So, why should you choose Maurer Photography?

Here are some of the exceptional services we can offer your school.

1. Traditional School Portraits in the Fall

We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your fall portraits experience from start to finish. We are glad to provide you marketing materials prior to picture day including picture day posters and pre-pay order envelopes for parents that illustrate our wide range of products and background choices. On picture day, your students' portraits will be taken by trained professional photographers, and we will have a group of support staff and volunteers assisting us to ensure a smooth shoot and no stress on your administrators or staff.

2. Staff and Administrator Products

 We provide the following products for your staff and administrators:

  • ID badges
  • Sticker pages for students' permanent records
  • Mug books which include all of your staff and students' images and identification information
  • Administrative image CDs for your school's administrative software
  • Calendars
  • School-specific custom notepads
  • All-school composite

3. School Event Coverage

Each school year is filled with unique milestones. Whether it's a field trip, the 100th day of school, a school dance, sporting events, or graduation, we will be there to capture and preserve your school's most memorable moments whenever you need us.

4. Yearbooks

Simply put, our yearbook services are unbeatable. If you have designated staff members or volunteers who put together your school's yearbook, we are happy to assist in their creative endeavors answering any and all questions while also providing material for the yearbook. If you would prefer to keep the process as simple as possible, let our talented and creative graphic artist design your entire yearbook for you from start to finish.

5. Spring Portraits for Elementary Schools

As dreary winter gives way to vibrant spring, we are faced with another prime occasion for both portraits of your students and a fundraiser for your school. Our spring portraits give parents the option of purchasing a more casual portrait of their child with various packages and poses from which to choose.

6. Local Services

Finally, when it comes to our services there is one aspect of our business where we are a cut above the rest of our competition: our location. If you compare us to the competition, you will find that we provide the same products and services as the national companies; however, because we are local and deeply rooted in our community, we can provide so much more. Just a phone call or a short drive away, we are available whenever you should need us for assistance, to answer any questions, and to cover any special moments happening at your school. We love our community and find no greater pleasure than being given the opportunity to work with members of our area. We hope you will consider supporting a local business and choose us as your school's photographer.