Whitney Hardman - AHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

By Jacqui Pollard

July 11, 2012

Whitney Hardman - AHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

Whitney Hardman, another one of our Ashland High School Class of 2013 Senior Representatives, finished up her senior portraits today. We had her indoor shoot last Friday and waited until the weather cooled down from the scorching 90's we were facing last week to venture outdoors for more photos of this gorgeous gal.

As Whitney prepares to enter her senior year at Ashland, she is most looking forward to being looked up to by all of the under classmen and, of course, graduating. She is involved with both choir and soccer - two of her favorite activities. She loves to sing and enjoys traveling with the choir, and she has played soccer ever since she was 5 years old. In her free time, Whitney enjoys listening to music and going on drives. If she could learn anything, Whitney would learn to be a NASCAR driver, because she loves cars. After high school, Whitney plans on going to college to study business and would eventually like to own her own salon or sports car dealership where she could work her dream job as a sports car seller. The most important thing she has learned in her life thus far is that not everything in life has to be perfect. There will always be someone out there who loves you and cares about you no matter what. If the world were to end this year, Whitney says she would travel to Europe, Australia, and around most of the world before "the end."

To conclude, when asked what the first three sentences of her autobiography would be, Whitney wrote the following: "The adventurous life of Whitney Taylor Hardman all started in the little town of Ashland, Ohio. Throughout my life, I have enjoyed sports and singing. I have grown through these experiences and am now looking forward to what is to come."

Whitney - we, too, are looking forward to what is to come in your bright future! It has been a pleasure working with you, and we hope you have a wonderful final year at Ashland High School!

For a sneak peek at some of Whitney's photos and some behind the scenes shots, watch her video below.

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