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Meet The Team



John found his calling as the founder of Maurer Photography in 1995. Starting his business from the ground up, his passions and company have grown into much more since then. School portraits, yearbooks, sports, composites, and events… John has the motivation to take it all on with a strong team he has hired and brought together. As the owner, John is constantly trying to improve and develop his business, while still managing to crack some jokes and keep the staff happy to come into work each day. If John ever gets a day off, he will keep in touch with his family and friends, sing in his church choir, do some yard work, and feed the birds and squirrels. But don’t worry, he’ll have a new project for him and the staff to work on by Monday morning!





Photographer/Graphic Designer

Denise started as an intern with us in 2010 while studying at Ashland University. She majored in Digital Art and Printmaking, with a minor in Religion. After she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, she secured her full time employment with Maurer Photography in 2012. Denise focuses her camera skills on school, action, team, business, and event photography. However, her skills go beyond just that. Denise is devoted to everything she does, which includes (but is not limited to): digital production, focusing on the organization of workflow in the office, training other staff, and is the head yearbook adviser… plus the go-to for any tech support needs. While juggling as much as she does, it’s surprising she has time for anything else. When she does, though, you’ll see Denise with family and friends, sightseeing in Cleveland, attending a Guardians game, or indulging in the local pro wrestling scene.




Senior Production Manager

As a Buffalo, New York native, Teresa attended Kent State University after graduating high school. She started her Maurer journey with us in 2014, and Teresa’s striking personality has added a bold twist to our work environment ever since. As the production manager, she is there every step of the process from start to finish. Teresa checks the order forms at photoshoots to make sure everything is correct, as well as organizes the money and tallies it for Melinda to deposit. Afterwards, she'll print and sort out all of the product for the designated orders. In her down time, you’ll almost always see her with her best friend and her husband, Toby. They love hosting get-togethers with their family, walking their dog Heidi, cooking, traveling, and going to concerts. In fact, they’ve visited 46 states, and have attended over 70 concerts!




Photographer/Graphic Designer

Only a couple months after graduating from Ashland High School in 2019, Melony decided to take on the workforce and found a job in her desired field at Maurer Photography. Her jobs over the past few years include candid, event, and school portrait photography; She also works on digital production, designs yearbooks, and composites team and class photos. When she's not tackling those, she updates the Maurer Photography website and social media pages. On days off, if she isn’t hiking or going to concerts, she is still creating. Melony loves jamming to her spotify playlists while digitally painting, designing posters, and taking photos for her friends and family. Oh, and if you’re ever stressed or sad, she’ll probably bring in another houseplant to cheer the place up.




Office Manager/Bookkeeper

After attending North Central State College for Psychology and Human Rights, Melinda decided to step back and become a mother. Once her babies had left the nest, she was ready to take on a new job at Maurer Photography! Since 2020, she has tackled any phone call, no matter how complicated, in a compassionate manner. In between every phone call, Melinda handles all the finances, looks over all the orders, and manages the money that comes with them. Even if she finds only a second of free time in the office, she uses it by always checking in with other staff to see if she can do anything to help. Once off of work, Melinda has plenty of hobbies to keep herself busy; she loves camping, hiking, gardening, reading, thrift shopping, or being active in social groups.




Photographer/Graphic Designer

Always walking in with a bright smile on her face, Madison’s cheerful personality is infectious. She joined our crew in 2020 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in 2018. Since she’s been with us, Madison has designed all of our templates you see in your children's products, while also editing professional headshots. Madison also helps by working on digital production, and traveling to schools to capture portraits, events, and classroom candids for yearbooks. Not only that, but if you ever need a listening ear, she’ll be there to listen and then crack a joke to make you feel better. In Madison’s free time you’ll find her taking walks, watching detective comedies, and going to concerts.




Administrative Assistant

With an extensive background in customer relations, we knew Niki would be the perfect fit at Maurer Photography! The Maurer crew welcomed her in September 2022 and she has adapted quickly to her position. Niki handles customer service with a welcoming smile, and assists John with difficult tasks that keep the studio running smoothly. Outside her work at the studio, Niki is a certified yoga instructor that enjoys strength training. When it's finally time to unwind, she cherishes bonding with her husband, Ben, and their three children, Livia, Brendan, and Elsie.





Pixel never needed any training, she learned to be pretty all on her own. Since starting her career here in 2015, she’s always turned heads, and it’s a lot harder than it looks. Her day consists of having to walk across the room to greet customers at the stairs, and then back to her cat tree to take a nap. When Pixel eventually gets tired of the cat tree, she’ll have to convince Melinda to give up her office chair. After a long day of receiving attention, she is in charge of the studio when the rest of the staff get the evenings off. Pixel’s hobbies consist of basking in the Ohio sun, stalking her next fly to play with, rolling around on the green screen, and waiting until morning for someone to come scratch her belly. Some say she has the hardest job in the office.


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