An Early Homecoming


September 26, 2012

"Mapleton High School to thee we sing; all of our loyalty, to thee we bring..."

As a senior attending Mapleton High School last year I never imagined I'd be returning to take the fall school portraits. However, that is exactly what occured this week. My journey began one year ago when I participated in school picture day by passing out student camera cards with bar codes containing data about each student. When scanned properly, the information on the cards is paired with the corresponding image. Satisfied with this task, I only dreamt of one day taking the pictures. My dream became a reality in August when I started training in school portrait photography.

I learned quickly that this type of photography is unlike what I'd become accustomed to. Four tripods, three lights, two photographers, and one set of cameras all come together in a way that provides the end result of a stunning portrait. Once those items are set in place with the correct settings, the pose must be mastered. Here is where my fun at Mapleton kicks off.

Head tilts, body angle, and perfect hair add up to the desired pose. Sounds easy right? When you mix in past classmates and memories, many laughs can extend the process. However, fun and relaxing sessions are what we at Maurer Photography strive for - as well as the perfect portrait, of course.

Seeing the similling faces of old friends leaves me excited and confident to take on whatever journey waits around the corner.

"Mapleton High School we'll always miss you."

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