Parents & Caregivers

Each year marks a new exciting chapter in your child's journey through school, and we want to help you remember each step of the way. Your child's portraits become the tools for reminiscing about all the joys and memories that come with each school year. At Maurer Photography, we strive to offer you both the exceptional customer service and products you have come to expect of us at a value you will surely appreciate.

Fall Portraits

Each fall prior to picture day, both a reminder flyer and a prepay envelope illustrating our various products, packages, and background choices will be sent home to you. On picture day, we will take your child's portrait in the traditional head and shoulders pose. There is no need to fret should you forget to fill out and turn in your prepay envelope, as we will photograph every student who is present on your school's picture day. Students' portraits will then be made available for purchase online. Finally, retake day will be announced during school for those students who are new to the school or who may have been absent on picture day.

Have a question that was not addressed? See our FAQ below.

Spring Portraits for Elementary Schools

Spring marks another opportunity for you to purchase portraits of your loved one. We like to keep it a little more casual in the spring in order to showcase more of your child's personality. We offer two poses with our spring portraits: a three-quarter length pose along with a close-up headshot. After spring picture day, you will receive an order envelope featuring your child's portrait and several packages from which to choose. You can either fill out the envelope and return it to your child's school with payment or order your child's portraits online with your unique password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear for picture day?
Solid colored tops with long sleeves are ideal for clean and classic looking portraits. The perfect outfit, however, allows your child's personality to shine as well.

Can I order multiple backgrounds?
Of course! However, keep in mind that each package is restricted to one background choice.

Help! I lost my child's password. What do I do?
Not a problem! Contact us at the studio at 419-289-3635, and we will provide you your unique online code to view your child's portraits online.

I can't order online. What do I do?
Contact us at the studio at 419-289-3635 and provide your child's name and school, so we can order them for you. We can then discuss the best way for your to receive your child's portraits.

What if my child forgets his/her money on picture day?
We will still photograph your child on picture day assuming he/she is present. After picture day, you will receive information for ordering your child's portrait online.