Looking Your Best For Your Senior Portraits

Careful outfit selection is key to ensuring the success of your senior portraits. We'll break it down for you in 5 easy to remember tips.

  1. Be True To Yourself

    Your senior portraits should be a reflection of who you are at this point in your life. Bring in your absolute favorite outfits from your current wardrobe that make you feel comfortable and confident. If you don't feel good in your outfit, it will show in your photos. Wanting to buy something new for your shoot? We recommend visiting Clothes Minded Boutique in downtown Ashland just a couple blocks away from our studio for all your style needs.

  2. Color And Style Matter

    Bring in a variety of styles ranging from formal to casual. We recommend wearing solid colored clothing so that the focus is on YOU. Solid colors allow your face to dominate the portrait with all other elements being secondary. Especially for close-up portraits, long sleeves are essential as bare arms call attention to themselves and will overpower the face. Visit our "What To Wear" Pinterest boards for senior girls and guys for outfit inspiration and ideas.

  3. Accessorize Your Outfit

    Jewelry, hats, shoes, scarves... We love accessories that show off your personality! One or two items can add a finishing touch to your outfit. Layering is a great way to achieve a variety of looks such as taking off or putting on a scarf, hat, jacket, etc.

  4. Hair And Skin

    Fix your hair and makeup the way you normally would with the outfits you choose so your portraits are more timeless and representative of who
    you are. If you are planning on getting your hair cut, schedule your hair appointment a week or more before your session is scheduled. Give yourself time to practice working and living with your new 'do before your session. If you develop a skin problem before your shoot - never fear! Our finished portraits can be fully retouched to eliminate any blemishes or other skin issues that may arise.

  5. Details, Details, Details!

    While seemingly insignificant, those small details matter! Check for lint, spots and wrinkles before your session to ensure your outfits are camera ready. Bringing your outfits in on hangers will prevent your clothes from becoming disheveled. If you paint your nails, keep the color neutral and free of chips. The more polished you and your outfits look, the better the end result for your senior portraits.

Still not sure what to bring with you for your shoot? Bring extra outfits and accessories with you! We know what will look best for your portraits and will be happy to assist in any way we can. Our job is to help you. Your only job is to enjoy your senior portrait experience with us.